Familial Cancer

I told someone recently that I had the breast cancer gene mutation. She expressed how scary it must be. I’m much less anxious than I was in the beginning. I was terrified at first when I learned I was positive. It was all I could think about.  The odds are extremely high that I would get breast cancer.  The number fluctuates but it’s as high as 72%

Before I knew the results I told myself I’d easily have a complete mastectomy if I was positive for the mutation.  Done, no questions. Once I learned I was positive I was even more insistent to have the surgery done.

Now I’m just not sure.  It’s such a huge surgery and recovery.  I’m not afraid of how I would look after.  I just worry about the going under anesthesia and the pain afterwards. I worry I will wake up during the procedure.  I don’t have the courage.yet. I will probably be there someday.

I go every 6 months to be checked. We alternate between MRI’s and mamo’s and so far I’ve been ok. I’ve got a great breast specialist and she’s on top of all the latest. I don’t obsess on it like I did in the beginning. I have 3 breast exams a year, 2 with my specialist and 1 with my primary care doctor. I should be checking monthly though I’m not great at it and I need to do better. I had my ovaries out which reduces the risk by 50%.

I urge everyone to inquire about genetic testing if you have any sort of family history of cancer. The genetic testing was so enlightening.  I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to be tested and know my risk.

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