Naturally Messy


Messy Bed Messy Head

I read this last year and it’s been one of the few habits I’ve been keeping. Make my bed every morning when I get up. It takes seconds. So I basically force myself to do it. But it gets done. It has been over a year and I’m still going strong.

My cleaning situation is pretty damn good lately. If someone stopped over I wouldn’t be mortified. My living room gets picked up at night and in the am. It doesn’t get terribly bad but my kids are in the (bad) habit of leaving their jackets and clothes in the living room so I take care of that. I make sure there are no dishes/glasses/cans sitting around and I fix my couch pillows.

The bathroom has been going well. I wipe it down with nice smelling cleaner daily. My washer and dryer are in my bathroom so it’s easy to throw a load in. After I clean my bathroom I brush my teeth and put on moisturizer. Gotta make it a habit!

Oh, here’s a big one. I’ve been sorting socks as they come out of the drier!!! In the past I was always so overwhelmed with my house and laundry situation. Everyone had to get their own socks which I threw into a big laundry basket. Now my boys have socks in their drawers. When I fold clothes now I put them right away.

I’m still getting there but I’m proud of how far I’ve come.


One thought on “Naturally Messy

  1. nice (house) work! It is one of those things that seems to go in fits and spurts for me–and evades becoming habit. I am the only human in my house, but sock sorting still is the biggest pain to me. Why don’t I just buy all the same kind of sock and be done with it? Anywho you should throw yourself a parade for the progress you’ve made!

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