Noob Vaper. My CBD Oil and What I’ve Learned So Far.

I decided to do a review of a new vaporizer I purchased for my CBD oil after the first cheap crappy one I originally was sold.  I hope this helps someone else.  I am FAR FAR from an expert but this is what I’ve learned so far. The head shop didn’t have a selection.  The vape store did.

First thing to know is that the milligrams in the bottle is for the entire bottle. I originally got a 250 mg tincture which worked out to about 8 mg per dropper. It didn’t last long because I was using about 3 droppers full. I didn’t find it real helpful at all with the low dose.

I do have chronic pain from my fibro (or lymes…..could be) and I have the chronic migraines.  I’d say I have a high pain tolerance too. I don’t use opiods for my headaches and weed helps to take the edge off sometimes. I have two prescriptions that work ok some of the time.

We have a local vape store that I dared to go into with my husband.  I had that cheap vape pen and we were looking for something for him because he had a really good result with just the CBD oil.  He has neck/back/hip pain and takes tylenol and advil round the clock.  He also is a cigarette smoker.

I wanted to get him something CBD without THC and since he’s a smoker we figured we’d kill two birds with one stone and get some of the nicotine too.  Maybe it could help him quit or reduce his smoking. They were super nice and he’s been using his vaporizer since Sunday. It’s taking some tweaking to get the e-juice mix right.  They CBD kills his appetite so he asked me to lower that and increase the nicotine.  I did that and today he told me he thinks that ratio I did was too light on the CBD because his pain is back.  We’re working with droppers and it’s not really an exact science.

After testing out his new vaporizer I decided I need one of those. The cheapie took forever to charge and didn’t even last a day. So, being the impulsive being that I am ran back to the store yesterday for my own quality vaporizer. The guy who helped me recognized me from coming in with my husband and was so nice.  I always worry about other people’s opinion of me.  They must think I’m fat…they are staring at the circles under my eyes. UGH.  Anyway!

The Aspire Pockex was recommend.  This thing is great. It charges super fast. They have many pretty colors but I needed the rainbow 🙂 It comes with a charger and even an extra coil to replace as I guess this is a replaceable part.  They also carried all the extra parts.

You can tell it’s well made and high quality.  The only thing I wished were different was that it were a little more quiet.  It makes a quiet crackling sound that the cheapie didn’t.  Probably because it heats the oil properly. At any rate here’s my new crutch…I mean vaporizer.

The biggest change is that I’m no longer smoking the flowers. I have a bit left for a few hits if I want here or there but I’m not smoking as much as I was. Normally I have plenty to last me two weeks or so. It’s been over a week and I haven’t gotten more. I should note that my husb does not partake in those flowers, though he wishes he could.  He is subject to random testing so none of that for him.

It also has KILLED my appetite and I LOVE it. I don’t know if its the taste of the vape or the action of vaping but I’m eating way less and not snacking at all. HUGE change.  I was never a cigarette smoker but I’m loving vaping the CBD oil, especially while I chill at night in bed.  No smoke! The vapor smells good.  And maybe others notices this but watching the smoke really relaxes me.  It’s almost kinda like hypnotizing.  It has helped me sleep for sure. We will have to see how the cost compares to my other stuff.

I need to get another sublingual tincture. I can get a higher dose more easily instead of vaping as much as you’d have to do to get that dosage. It takes many puffs of the vape to equal even 8 mg. Those are kind of like micro doses.  I mistakenly thought that vaping would be stronger but that’s not the case. It does get in there quicker though. Noob.

You can find all kinds of info on doses online.  I’ve read for mild pain to take 8 mg a day, medium pain is 22 mg and severe pain 27 mg.  I AM NOT A DOCTOR and just trying to find my way through all the info!  I’m learning as I go!

Also, I should tell you that there are three companies who give a big discounts to people on disability and Veterans too.  Nuleaf, Bluebird and Lazurus Naturals. All of these brands are high quality with lab results to back up their product. I haven’t personally tried these brands and I’m not affiliated with them THOUGH I’D LOVE TO BE 🙂 I plan to order when I run out of my bottle.

Because there are so many companies out there you want to make sure they have lab results for the product showing how much CBD is in there product and you also want to know how it’s made. I’m still learning about that part. There are several ways and some are better than others.  There is full spectrum which is the whole plant in it and have around 3% THC and the more pure kind which has no THC at all. Got the husb the a brand that was pure CBD.

(if you got this far) Without further ado…my pretty new vaporizer. Solid construction, charger, replacement part and holds 2ml of your e-liquid. It was $30.00.








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