The Hermit Goes To Four Bars!!

Last week I went out with my friend for the first time in ages. When I’m hypo-manic I’m on the hunt for live music and some drinks. I’m not remotely manic now so it was a big deal to go out for a few drinks.

I’m so self conscious. I always worry about what people think of me but now that I’m thinking back about our night I’m realizing I wasn’t this time. I focused on my friend and her bf who tagged along to drive us home. They were so nice.  She knew I’ve been kind of a hermit so she was trying to give me a tug.

We did a little bar hop in town and it was fun. I didn’t have much anxiety and enjoyed the night. I ended up getting a really bad migraine though when I got home from the alcohol. I can remember in my 30’s (my most manic years) being able to see two shows in a row and not have much of a hangover from the drinking.  Now it’s rare that I have a drink. So I traded a bit of fun for a migraine. So thankful when my abortive med does work!!

I got home about 11 and of course my slightly drunk ass forgot to take my meds. As I climbed into my bed against my husband I thought, this isn’t a bad life after all.

That really did me good.

4 thoughts on “The Hermit Goes To Four Bars!!

  1. I’m so happy to hear that you went out and had a great time! I’m not usually one for socializing, even though I know I’ll have fun. 🌻


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