Heady Harvest

So, two weeks ago I got myself my first little bottle of the new thing on the block…CBD oil.  I’ve written about it a little bit here and here.  I’m hearing more and more about it so I figured it was time to try.

My first bottle was from Hemplucid 250 mg (in the entire bottle).  I didn’t research much about the various strengths and never considered vaping at that point. My thought was by mouth was the most natural. The flavor was very organic, nutty and weedy.

I got only slight relief of a migraine after taking about three droppers (or 3 ml) full which was about 24 mg. I will admit I was disappointed in the result after I tried with my migraines all last week.  I first thought it might have been triggering them but they continued after I stopped so it wasn’t the oil. The dosages for pain are much higher I’m learning.

My husband tried it for his back pain and he really felt a difference. He’s concerned that he may get picked for a random drug test and doesn’t want to come up + for THC.  I find it highly unlikely it would but it is a risk. The 100% THC products are super expensive. It seems all of the brands I’ve looked at say THC level is <.03.

Today my husband took me to a glass shop. I was nervous going because I wasn’t really sure exactly what I wanted or needed.  I’m a noob, plus anxiety. I didn’t want to look dumb and and embarrass myself blushing in front of a hipster stoner dude. Turns out it was a girl and she was super welcoming and nice!  They had several regular CBD oils that you take sublingual and the concentrates.

I was there for the concentrate and decided vaping might work better for me.  I got the “disposable” vape with the 750mg cartridge. I got the pineapple flavored but there were others as well as lower strenghs.

So I paid $50 for the cartridge/pen tip thing which has the oil and the actual pen vape thingee was 15.00. I didn’t think it was too bad.  A little over my weekly “flower” budget but maybe it will last longer.  I’m not sure how or if I will save money vaping.

I always hate when I run out of flowers.  I think I will order the refills on line or send hubs into the shop since he passes it on his way to and from work! Win, win. 🙂

I’ve been definitely puffing on the vape this afternoon.  My headache has decreased a lot. I feel better.  Maybe it’s a start.

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